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Chico Table Lamp

Chico Table Lamp

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The Chico Portable Lamp is a functional, portable, and rechargeable table lamp that you can easily move around the home. The lamp features a simple and elegant design with golden brass details and a base in dark wood. The lamp fits perfectly in your bookcase, on the dining table, or on the nightstand. The light intensity can be easily adjusted by holding your finger on top of the lampshade, allowing you to dim or brighten the light as needed. Additionally, the lamp comes with a cord included, ensuring you can easily recharge it.

Switch under bottom of lamp. Dimmable when touching top of lamp.

Bulb included.

USB Type A to Type C Charging cable included. The Life Expectancy of the LED is 30.000 Hours. Lamp is dimmable, when touching the top of the lamp.

D10xH30 cm

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